Part 4. Not the Truth

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Part 4. Not the Truth

Post by Zylocks55 on Sun Oct 25, 2015 8:41 pm

I was stunned. How could I be found out so quickly. I could strike him down. That would be easy. Blame it on a previous wound he didn't tell us about. They would believe me over the guy who created "The Creature." Then before I could say anything he spoke. "Do not get me wrong my new friend, I am glad that you are on our side, but no mere mortal could do such a thing. Be you a user of this new art they call magic?" And this is where it began. "Yes. That is what I am my friend, but you must not let anyone know. For them to know what I am would surely mean death." He was taken back a bit. "My Scorcerer, for the king to know what you can do, you will surely rise up the ranks quickly." I hadn't thought about this. A king who constantly wishes to rule. To have some immortal on his team would make me valuable. But no. "No my friend, your King will surely look at me as a threat. I do not wish to be viewed as such. I am merely a soldier trying to make my way." He laughed and so I followed. "Well My dear Scorerer. Perhaps you will be the light of our table. I shall keep your secret but in return I have a request." Dammit. Not even a month and I'm not only discovered but being used. "Anything my friend." His looked turned grim. "I know many do not believe in the creature I speak of, but having seen you able to do such feats, well you must believe me. I wish to bring him down. Free the women he has taken. We must save them, with my sword and your magic, how can we fail?" As much as I wanted to believe he had seen what he thinks, I was starting to have to. "Very well my friend, but I require something first." His face turned to hope. He looked hopeful. A weird look on the face of a man that would one day be called a viking. "Well then, it seems favors are all around today. Where will we venture to?" He asked me. "Where we just returned from." I tell him. "I have a staff I need to recover."

Blaise revealed my plan to return to Ralto. "Are you Insane?" He asked him. "Our journey took nearly five nights and you wish to return?" He was not happy. I stood next to Blaise quietly. "Ralto he will help us. I can't tell you how, but he can help us more than any. He can slay the creature-" "ENOUGH OF THIS CREATURE!" Ralto yelled. "This creature is nothing more than your imagination. It is not real. You imagined it dear boy. Just as you imagine everything. You have the mind of a child Blaise but the swing of a god. The only reason you are still on this trek is because you are such a mighty swordsman. Do no make the King strike you down due to your childish whims." He was furious. "What if I prove this creature to be true? What if I slay it and bring you it's head? Then can we retrieve my staff?" I asked him meekly. They both looked stunned. "Scorcerer my boy, do you believe Blaise's constant rants?" Ralto asked me. "After the things I have seen Ralto, nothing is crazy. I have seen things that would be very hard to comprehend other than the explanation of such creatures. I must reveal something to you." Blaise tried to stop me. "Scorcerer you mustn't. Not on my behalf." Blaise begged me. "I do this for the kingdom Blaise." I lifted a dagger and slit my wrist. Then without thought I yelled "Anas!" and my wounds healed." "By Odin." whispered Ralto. "You are of this magic?" He asked me. "I have been taught. I can teach. But for all of this to work I need my staff. So, if you still do not believe Blaise's words, then believe my actions. If we slay this creature, be he real or not, and we recover my staff, the kingdom will have magic." Ralto looked me square in the eye. His beard and mine being the same length we looked as though two long lions exchanging glances. Then he speaks. "Gather the troops. We shall slay this creature."

Callio, Ralto, Blaise, Christavia, and myself lead the charge. It was all we really needed. "We shall strike at midnight." I tell them. "I have heard of such creatures and they are taken by sunlight. The castle will be impenetrable until then." They were all ready to go to war, except of course Ralto. He was still denying the existence. Everyone had weapons. Even I. Ralto promised not to say anything to anyone about my "Magic" until we had returned. He said he didn't want to bring the king false hope in case we didn't return. So somewhere in there is belief. I on the other hand do not believe that this creature will be nearly as bad as everyone thinks. The trek took 7 days by foot. No horses. We didn't want to risk being seen or heard. Horses are much louder than you think. I had been making up so much in this journey so far. The use of magic was mentioned in the book but I had never tried to study it. No all I did was study the languages. Everyone on that ever was or ever would be. I learnt them all. So simply yelling heal in Latin and backwards was enough to confuse the simplest minds. Truth is I would do anything to get my Scythe back. I need it. Of course I wish to see my long lost Princess again too. I really need to see what's become of her. So this journey will be long, but not nearly as long as my life on Earth so far.

7 days and we arrive at the castle. It is extravagant. So much went in to making it. Bigger than any I've ever seen, of course I've only seen two. The entrance was blocked by a moat. Not too difficult with my fellow soldiers. Christavia was the first to go. He jumped in. A reptilian creature has attacked him. Or maybe it was a serpent. My details about this are still fuzzy, but it wasn't much for dear old Chris. He simply grabbed the creature and took a huge bite out of it. He spit the remnants back into the moat. This man should not be trifled with. We all followed. Once we arrived at the gate the door seemed to simply open. Maybe a fault in the system, or maybe we were expected, either way we entered. The first thing we see is amazing. An orgy of women. Lots and lots of women, all having sex with each other. It was definitely a sight. It was as if we wasn't even there. They seemed to be hypnotized. We walked passed them. No use in injuring unarmed women. Ahead was a huge chamber. The door was bigger than Christavia, Callio, and Blaise standing on each others shoulders. I only say this because they were arguing about it and had to prove it. Ralto was not interested in this. He was still staring back at the women. I thought he was interested, but it turns out that this moment was when he started to believe Blaise's story. He seemed to get fearful, but we moved on.

Once we opened the door, all of our opinions had changed. At the end of the room sat a throne. Next to the throne was a spike. On that spike was the head of someone very familiar. Someone Who was lost so long ago. Her blonde hair still growing. This harmed me. She hadn't aged at all since the day we split up. She still had all of her features. Preserved in all time. Her blue eyes looked straight at me, then at the rest of my group. Dead, but not dead. Just a head but still aware. It was a hellish nightmare. What was even more disturbing, was that sitting in that throne, was a girl who glowed just like me.


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