Part 3. Rerisen

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Part 3. Rerisen

Post by Zylocks55 on Sat Jul 11, 2015 5:11 pm

Blaise was his name. It's hard to forget the name of a man who once again gave you freedom. Yes you'd think I'd remember her name too, or anyone before my imprisonment, but they were less important to me. They trapped me, while he set me free. We fled the castle after the kind was "accidentally" slain by a rouge arrow. Repeatedly. At least that's the story we told the King of my new territory, King Jerrimiah. The bodies were everywhere. Some I recognized, so I did not. Of course I could care less of who I see, unless it be her. I wanted to see her once more. She had betrayed me. She had barred me from life. Knowing I couldn't die she left me down there to become what I am. A new kind of monster. At the time I wanted her to suffer. I wanted to spread the pain I felt. Little did I know that one day I would thank her for the monster she created. If not for her and her horrifying family, I wouldn't have the twist in my nature that I did for many years. That's a story for another time though. This is the story of how I became notorious, and I would never be forgotten.

The long walk to the castle gave us time to learn of each other. With most of the horses slain my new comrades and I had to take foot. It took easily 3 days. They loved it. a group of warriors and fighters who just want to become stronger, faster, better. These were my people. People who lived as though they were immortal. Blaise filled me in on his life. He was born to a single mother, as it turned out most of them were due to war. He took up a job as a blacksmith until the call of war was too strong for him. He sold his shop leaving the coin to his mother, and sent off to the kings army. He was quickly accepted as he was in great physique. When he returned to tell his mother, he found that she wasn't around. Searching for her at the taverns, he learned that she was taken by a character they called only, the Creature. A man or beast that would show up at night and take women. They were never seen again. Of course this drove him into a bit of madness, having lost the only woman he had ever loved. He retrieved a silver chain she kept for good luck from his old living quarters and return to the castle. There he shared his story and asked for volunteers to slay the Creature with him. Obviously no one chose to. So he set off alone, ready to either free or avenge his mother. This part of the story gets a little partial due to the fact that not many in our crew believed what he had saw, but he swears by it. "A man, pale white, with the eyes of a demon. He is who has been stealing our women. He stole them all. They have become slaves of his mind. They saw me, but chased me away. My own mother ran me away as if she had never seen me before. As if she idolized this false king. She knew not what she did though."

You can see why no one would believe this part. One man, Christavia, even said that they even followed him to the castle and saw him cower. The only thing that supports his story is the scar. He received a scar from the "Creature" on his face. No man would have cut himself that deep just for a story. It didn't take long for the story of the Creature to spread though, and thus the Urban Legend was born. I think Blaise respected me more, because I didn't rule out his idea. The Creature may exist. I'm not wuick to rule things out. If they were to know the things I survived, they would think me a liar as well.

Christavia was a man who had to be proven to. If you admitted to killing a beast he wanted evidence. You had laid 6 maidens in one evening, you had better taken a token. He would. Christavia had so many tokens of his accomplishments, most of which he carried with him. He was a bulky guy, had to be to carry a preserved wolfs head around all the time, and he knew it. He carried himself as if no one in the army could take him down. He really should have been a commander, but he claimed that he was more of a brute then a leader. Well he didn't just claim it, he confirmed it. He wasn't the brightest, but when you're the toughest, who needs brains.

Then there was Calio. A darker fellow who was found on an island. When he was found he was just a boy. The Kings army went around slaying his community. When they came across him they gave him an option. "Join us or die young boy." Ralto had offered. Calio reached his hand toward Ralto and offered his assistance. It had turned out that Calio's community wasn't exactly the greatest. He was the outcast, punished for eating extra fruit at dinner. This community was obviously poorer than the rest. The slaughter continued with Calio in hand. He slayed many of his former friends, his old acquaintances, and his family who were the ones that banished him. He first robbed them of their fruit, and then, beheaded his own mother. His father he slit open from his misdirection, and his older sister he offered imprisonment or death. She chose not to serve Calio, and she too was struck down. Looking at him telling his story I can see the hate and regret he has of himself, but he would never disobey an order.

Ralto, our dear commander, was an older fellow. He had seen most of these men when they were mere boys, but he saw potential in each one. That is why they are on his crew. He also saw potential in me. He said I looked as though I had been through Hell and back and couldn't be stopped. If only he knew how literally wrong he was, and how figuratively right he was.

After sundown we would make camp and share our stories. I of course left out certain bits and pieces of mine. This is where I discovered that this was a religious group of sort. They worshiped certain idols and trinkets. I didn't understand it in the least bit, but I didn't have to. It was a group of freedom. Freedom of religion. I could be a bit less conspicuous here with who I am.

On the third day we were attacked. A group of rouges with a pirates flag tried to ambush us. We were attacked from all sides, but I was the first to be hit. A sword pierced my mid section and I fell in pain. It was different from what I had felt before though. This was a good kind of pain. A pain that made me rise up again and want more. No one had seen me get stabbed, so I continued my actions. The pirate who stabbed me continued on to Christavia. He didn't get very far though as I followed and kicked his back leg. He went down quickly and his sword flew from his hand. I retrieved it and attacked. Before I knew it Blaise was back to back with me and we fought in unison. It was so glorious. The sound of metal. The feel of steel in flesh. I had missed this. The raid at the castle was too intense for me to enjoy. The rage I felt took away the pleasure, but this. The singularity of it. Eyeing my target and knowing just when to strike. If only I had my precious Scythe.

The battle was short lived. The Pirates lay crumbled at our feet. That's when we knew we were close to their ship. Pirates never stray far from escape. "Scorcerer my friend, you have been injured." Blaise wide eyed whispered to me. I looked down and there was blood covering my cloak. Of course my wound had healed already. I smiled at him. "Not my blood my friend." I lifted my cloak and he smiled. "I did right to chose you as my partner." We chatted a bit more as we walked towards their ship. Nothing important, mostly just Christavia bragging that he killed the most of the 8 pirates. Calio was hit in the arm when he used it to block a stray sword, but it wasn't life threatening.

The ship was loaded with rum. I had never had rum before. It was magnificent. The sweet taste, the lovely aroma, I had quickly learned that Rum was magnificent. I know I am being a bit repetitive here but trust me, Rum is magnificent. We grabber what blades they had and made haste for the castle. The king would be happy to see another flag to add to his wall. You see, my new King, King Leon, was a collector of sorts. He would conquer a territory, take their flag, and hang it on his walls for all to see. A sort of warning to other territory's. A bit grim, but a nice touch.

As Ralto reported to the King I was brought to my new quarters. A place that was about the same size as the prison I was just freed from, but now shared with 20 men. I didn't plan to stay long though. I had a way of ranking myself up pretty quickly, and that is what I planned to do again. A decent meal, some finer clothes and I was off to the armory to suit myself up. Swords, daggers, shields, all sorts of weapons, but none of which fit my hand so perfectly as my old weapon did. I would have to make due until my hand could find its partner again. Blaise approached me in the armory.

"Finding everything OK my friend?" He asked me. He was solace. Off for his character. "Of course I am. What is a man without his sword." He walked up close to me. There he pulled out his dagger and stabbed my shoulder. "What are you doing?" I yelled at him through gritted teeth." "Confirming my suspensions." He watched as my shoulder healed, soaked in blood. Then the question. "What are you?"


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