Part 1. The Rise

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Part 1. The Rise

Post by Zylocks55 on Sun Jul 05, 2015 8:12 pm

My first life after he threw me from paradise was of a homeless bum. Well the first I like to talk about. Before this I was gloating about being right. Of course I was furious at the same time. I stayed in hiding. That's when I met her. I can't honestly tell you her name, it escapes me now, but she was radiant. The most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Of course she was nothing compared to my brothers and sisters, but for a human she was magnificent. I had to approach her, at least get a smile. This was my first mistake. Throughout my years I had learned that there is no right way to do this. She was my lesson. She was the one who would teach me that I can not have what I wish for. Immortality was my curse.

I walked up to her as she stood in the field, obviously out of place. She noticed me but didn't fear. It seemed that even though I was dirty, filthy really, she could still see the real me. Of course I had known that Father had sent out profits who could see us for our true nature, but I had never met one. "Why does you body glow so?" She asked me. Before you get too confused she did not ask me this in English as I am writing it. I am rewriting our original words to take you, the reader, into consideration. I will not write untranslated things as my Father did. Look at the things that it caused today. Well whatever today might be. What is time? Anyway I'm getting off track. "You know not what I am?" I asked her. She knelt to her knees, her long white dress getting covered in the manure they use to plow the fields. "Please my lady, stand. I do not wish to be worshiped. I am but a kindly visitor in need of shelter and a meal." She didn't budge. "Please I cannot stay if you do not rise. People will question your loyalty to the King." She looked up from the ground and locked eyes with me. "Let them question as they wish. I serve a higher king." For some reason this made me chuckle. If only my brothers and sisters could see this. A creature given the ability to chose whether or not to serve him and yet she still does. If only we had that power. "Then I shall kneel with you."

I knelt in front of her, my dirty ragged clothes getting more filthy as we stay there. She put her head down again and we stayed there until the sun set. Then she rose. With her hand outstretched she waited for me to take it, so I did. "Now my noble servant of the Lord, shall we return to my place for food and shelter?" The first person in so many years to offer me kindness. I nod my head and we leave. Not a single word is spoken until we reach an opening in the fields that leads to the castle of the King. "Might you be a servant of the king? He will never allow you to take in a simple man as me." She smiled. "Oh but I am much more than that my friend." She reached into her satchel and pulled out a small crown encrusted with gems I haven't seen yet. "You are the Princess?" I asked her, a little taken back. She just laughed a very hearty laugh. "I am. I offer you shelter and food under one condition. My brother is in need of a servant. Will you serve him?" My first day out of isolation and already I will be surrounded with people. "I shall my lady." I say and bow. "Please my dear servant. Never bow to me, though they cannot see it, I know what you are, and you are a much higher power than I am." "No my lady." I stop her with no hesitation. "Your beauty and brilliance matches that of all my brothers and sisters. I am not above you, for you are my equal." She blushed even though I don't think she knew how to take that, being a princess she was always treated better than most. We walked to the castle and she introduced me to her brother, who's name also slips my mind. I chose to go with the name Scorcerer Valmont. Little did I know that those who practice the arts of magic would steal it and use for themselves, but that is long and far away for them. This was the beginning of my story.

For the next few months I would work for her brother the prince. Fetching his meals, dressing him, polishing his Armour, those sort of things. In return I too was treated as royalty. I was the head of the servants after just 6 months. One year later I was brought up to be like a brother to him. All the while the princess and I would steal glances when possible. Her beauty taking me back a bit, my glow stealing her breath. It wasn't until her birthday that I would steal more than a glance though.

She was out mending the roses, as the women around here tend to do, when I approached her. "Scorcerer!" She exclaimed. "Should you not be tending to my brothers horses right now?" "He is out for the day. Might not return for a few, so I am free for the moment. It's been many a days since I've had a moment for myself, but every moment I do all I can think of is your golden hair, your sea blue eyes, your fair white skin, and your supple frame." She blushes at this but it's nothing she didn't expect. She knew I had feelings for her. "My dear Scorcerer," She whispers, "You are of a higher power serving those lower than you. Though they can not see it, I know it to be true. For you and I to be, the Heavens would fall." I could take no more of this casual play. I had centuries, bu she had only a lifetime. I had to tell her everything, and so I did. I told her of my fall from Heaven, about the book, about my years of solitude. The whole while she sat and listened. She was an excellent audience. She was also the first I had ever told this to. When I had finished she simply stood, so I followed suit. "Say something Princess. Anything. Please." She said nothing. Her eyes had been hidden from me behind her hair so I put my hand up to move it when she lifted her head. Tears. Tears fell from her eyes as a droplet of rain would on a stain of glass, which of course wasn't invented yet. I wiped it away. "Please do not cry my dear. I have only served this family for so long to continue standing in your presence. Just that I might catch a glance as I bring dinner to your brother. Your smile is the greatest part of my day. Please don't deny me that privileged." She wouldn't do that as she mustered up a smile, and then, a kiss. My first kiss ever. It was miraculous. Later I learned it was her first kiss as well. Also highly illegal in the kingdom.

After that we would sneak around. I never took her innocence though. I couldn't. She was too precious to me. If I were to take that and lose her to another I would demand death, and I knew that would never come. So we remained the way we were, stealing kisses at any opportune time. She was my secret pleasure. She didn't remain that way for long though. Soon enough her brother approached me. "Scorcerer." He beckoned. "You are like a brother to me. You have been with me these two annuals and I have a request for you. It is not required, so feel no obligation." He seemed a bit nervous. For as long as I've known him, 2 years by the way, he was never a ruler. More of a sad kid who needed a friend. So I had became that friend to him. "What do you wish of me my liege?" I asked him. "It seems my sister has taken a strong liking to you." I froze. Does he know? Has he found us out? Surely I'll be executed if he finds out." I see also, that you take a liking to her. Nothing to be ashamed of, you are both human. I," He started but stopped to swallow. I had never seen him this nervous, and if he could see through my disguise as she could, he would see I am as well. "I wish for you to take her hand in marriage. I have already asked my father and he approves. You are the closest I have and I trust you more than any. Please bow and become my fellow prince.

I was more stunned then I was before. Of course I would love to marry his sister. She was my love, but as is tradition in these times I had to give the proper response or he would surely look down on me from here on out. "I will consider." I replied holding back a huge smile. He on the other hand held nothing back. A smile over took him to the likes I had never seen on his face. "Thank you my brother." He said through grinning teeth. "Now, Let's be off to the tracks to celebrate. Gather me-" He paused and his smile faded then returned. "I just realized, I will need a new head servant soon." We both laughed and headed out. I wonder if she had been told anything yet. I hope not. I want to be the first to see her smile from this news. I'm sure she will smile. Why wouldn't she? She will be ecstatic.

That night we had dinner all together. It was a rarity that we all ate at the same time. Royalty and servants, so I knew this was it. The King stood, which meant we should all stand. "My loyal followers. We shall extend our cups as today marks a wonderful occasion." I looked toward the Princess and she was naturally confused and uninterested. Good. She doesn't know yet. "Today, my daughter, who has been unwed and untouched these past 16 annuals, will be taking a husband." Her expression quickly changed to fear. She looked to me as if she was going to lose me forever. It was never this hard, even when asked, to hold back this smile. Her fear showed how much she loved me. I couldn't wait for her to be mine. "The suitor," He continued, "Shall not be a prince though." Now the whole room looked shocked other than me and the Prince. "Her suitor will be someone in this very room. Brought to me by my son." This time she looked over at him. As her face did not change you can see the heat in her eyes. She was angry at him, and yet she couldn't show it. "The suitor, shall be a man who came to us as a peasant, and will rise as a prince. He has become a man of men over these last two annuals and I will be most proud to call him son. Scorcerer will you take my daughter?" He toasted to me and I smiled and toasted back." I shall my lord."

The rage in her eyes subsided and changed to pure bliss. A tear once again fell as it did so long ago. She had to hide it though. We could not let them know that we had been involved for so long. "May I make one small request my Lord?" I asked him and the room became littered with whispers and questions among themselves. The King's face became a little annoyed. "You will be my son, but do not forget tradition. You are soon to be a prince and I demand respect, but since you are still a bit new to our traditions I will grant it. Speak up boy." I knew I had messed up, but I didn't care. "My one request is to ask the Princess myself. I would like not only yours, and the Prince's permission, but as well hers." Silence. And then, the Kind pounded his fist on the table and started laughing. The rest of the room followed suit. "My boy your own tradition is weird and unheard of, but I will grant it." I smiled and walked from my chair to hers. I got on my knees and took her hand. "Princess. Will you be my wife for all of eternity?" I asked her. Her eyes became whelped. "All those years ago when we met, I bowed to you on my knees before I even knew who you was, and so I bow to begin a new life with you. Do you accept?" The Prince, the King, and the Queen had all heard the story of how we met, minus the holiness of it of course, and so they followed her example of tearing up. "Yes, my new Prince. I accept." She smiled but I can tell she was holding back so much more. The table became intolerable with cheers and screams and we ate. I had a new life as a prince with the love of my new life on the side of me, but know now, my stories never have a happy ending.


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