I am against Gay Marriage

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I am against Gay Marriage

Post by Zylocks55 on Sat Jun 27, 2015 7:11 pm

I don't believe in gay marriage because there's no such thing. Gay Marriage isn't a thing. Marriage is. If you feel the need to call it gay marriage then you're the ignorant one. I bet you still call a black man and a white woman interracial marriage. What do you call it when a short person marries a tall person? Horizontal marriage? If you just don't like it, lucky you, you don't have to look. If it's a religion thing then your exempt. Hear me out now. It says in the bible that followers of these beliefs will not be allowed into heaven, but it doesn't say anything about people who turn a blind eye. Ignore it. It's not hurting you. Are you upset because they can now share in matrimony? Well what say you give this one to them. Hell according to you, you only have to worry about them until your death then you get to go to Heaven and they burn in hell. If that's the truth then how is it hurting you? It's not. Deal with it. Don't worry, they won't share your beliefs with you so you still have that on them. I really hope everyone reading this can sense my sarcasm in some of this. Long story short, congrats all of you who can now be legally married. Lets see if the Gay community will have more divorces then the straight one....


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