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A rose can represent many things. Life. Death. Time. For me it represents my own mortality. As we grow, roses never stop. They fall and rise again. But do we? I met you not long ago but knew I loved you from the beginning. It took everything I had to not walk away though. Fear has made me mortal. I kissed you and from that point on knew I couldn't breathe without you.
A petal falls.
We started a life together that I hope never ends. We share everything. Money, happiness, sadness, but there's one thing we don't share. Experience. We have both gone through many downfalls, but our downfalls are our own. I know nothing of where you have been as well as you know nothing of where I have been.
A petal falls.
Our slight difference has made me cold. Jealousy. Rage. Envy. It all consumes me and you take it to heart, even though I mean nothing by it but to love you more. I cry as you do, but to see you smile I would give anything.
A petal falls
You decide you'll be better off without me. I can't take this. Stealing my breath this way drives me beyond insanity. My bad habits become worse. My life becomes meaningless. My dreams and ambitions all shattered at the thought that I drove you to this.
A petal falls.
Years pass and though I've found others, I can never find you again. You left me here alone. To weep at the thought of once finding true happiness and loosing it. Those who say its better to have loved and lost than never have loved before do not know what real love is. The pain is unbearable, but I must go on.
A petal falls.
Many more years pass and the pain still hasn't subsided. I start to believe it never will. Now a hollow shell of my former self, friends become shadows. Family becomes graves. Life becomes even more lonely.
A petal falls.
As I lay here alone on my death bed only one thought comes to mind. What became of you? Did you find real happiness? Did you find more than I had to offer? Or did you hurt as I did?
A Petal Falls.
I hope not. I let myself believe you found everything you wanted in life. I let myself believe you were truly better off without me.
A petal falls.
I know for myself that I was better off with you. In another life, maybe we could try it again.
A petal falls.
Maybe next time I will treat you with the love you deserve. Maybe we can be more like the rose, Spring new life from this fallen one. Maybe next time I'll deserve you.
A petal falls.
As I close my eyes I see you once more as I once did when we first met. That first kiss. As I cry my last tear I open my eyes to witness, the last petal fall.


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