The Kindest Eyes

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The Kindest Eyes

Post by Zylocks55 on Mon Jun 15, 2015 2:23 pm

He had the kindest eyes. It was the first thing I had noticed. I had met a lot of people but never anyone so pure as he. He flinched as I walked near him. I believe he knew who I was at first, but I wasn't sure. "I'm scared." The first words I would hear him speak. "fear not my friend, for I am here to help you." He lie there in his bed attached to all of this equipment. Equipment that I long ago stopped trying to figure out. Tubes and wires that prolong the inevitable. Why is it that you look more confused than I do?" He asked me. I was taken back by this. No one had every asked me a question in that manner. Usually it's bargaining and pleasing, but this was abnormal. "What do you mean friend?" I walked closer to him and sat beside his bed. "When you walked in, I had a feeling of who you were. I panicked in my head but I didn't want tho show it. But then, the look on your face made me feel a little at ease. You looked as though you had a question that you were never able to ask anyone, so I'll ask you. What is your question?" The sheer politeness of this man made me smile, which is something I haven't done in a long time. "Well," I began, Why do people wish to prolong their lives? Why do they fear me? What pain have I caused to show them that I am a fright?" He smiled. Another first sighting for me. " Life is precious. I have spent my entire life making memories. I have family, friends, lovers, and enemies. I cherish them all. To leave them is a great pain for me." This still brought me great confusion. "I don't understand what you think is happening right now." The mans face became real serious. The wrinkles that grew so long ago began to show as his eyes began filling with tears. "I am going to die aren't I?" I laughed. I didn't mean to hurt his feelings but I believe I did as his expression quickly turned to rage. "Yes my friend. You are going to die but I still don't see why this is a bad thing." The rage subsided and the sadness returned. "I'm not ready to die. I still want more time with my family and friends." "But you are with me now. I am your family. I am your friend." "Not very likely. You're the one that's going to kill me. I've never had a friend do that." I smiled again, but only slightly this time.

"Let me explain something. When you were born you had a mother, did you not?" He nodded still with tears falling. "And your mother grew old. She grew tired and sick. She was so weak that she could no longer move at one point. eventually I came for her. Did you wish she stay and suffer?" He shook his head. "The time you have in this realm is precious. Did you have children?" "A slight smile came to him. "Four girls. We always wanted a boy, but that's the hand we were dealt." "And those children do not want to see you suffer, just as you did not want to see your mother suffer. They want to see you in bliss. When I take you, you will no longer feel the tumor forcing its way around your brain. The cancer you have suffered with for the past five years will be gone instantly. You will be healed, and continue into eternal bliss." This seemed to satisfy him for a bit, but again I can tell he was still troubled.

"My wife. we were married for fifty years. Will she be taken care of?" "The life you gave her was a one of a kind. I've watched you for years. You laughed and cried, but in the end you both loved. The life you are leaving her with will be more than enough to sustain her until she joins you. One day the two of you will once again be hand in hand with a surrounding love. You will be able to enjoy every step you take without fail. Every breath you breathe will be like the first breath you have ever taken. An eternity of firsts. Doesn't that sound like a good place to be?" He nodded again. This is the gift that I am giving you, as you are my gift." Puzzled again he asked, "How am I your gift?"

"When your wife passes the two of you will be reunited. I too have had love, and I too had to leave it for a while. Life is my love. When Life created you she did it for me, for you see, she and I could never be together again. She sends me all kinds of things. Lot's of animals, plants, but my favorite will always be people. She stays with them for as long as she can, she makes them learn and feel and love and when you are all just right, just perfect, that's when she delivers you to me. She shows me her compassion by giving it to you so you can bring it back to me. The most important thing she has ever given me though is purpose. She gives each and everyone of you the same. The bees pollinate the flowers. The trees give you the air. And all of you give me love. That is what life is."

After a brief moment of silence he looks at me, still with a few tears on his cheeks. "I'm ready now. You've shown me that there's nothing to fear, but I do have one last question." "We have time." "I get to experience this next step, but where is it? Where am I going?" I chuckled again, but this time he joined me. "My friend, if I may call you that now." He nodded with a smile. "I can not tell you where you are heading for I do not know. My job is to take you from this place but your destination is not mines to judge. You lived a wonderful life. You gave to the poor, helped those in need, and was a kind and loving family man. Wherever your destination may be, I know it will be a good one." He smiled again. "I only have one regret in this life." I smiled back at him. "And whats that my friend?" It's that I now know that you will never be able to experience what I'm about to." And this what the last sentence ever spoken of the man with the kindest eyes.


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