The Balance

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The Balance

Post by Zylocks55 on Mon Jun 15, 2015 2:22 pm

You saved me and never even knew it. I was bad. Stealing from the poor. Kicking people when they were down. Heck I remember one time I met up with someone in a parking lot. I was there to buy drugs but they didn't realize that I didn't plan to spend any money. We buried him right around said parking lot. I was a mess. Then you showed up. Your eyes sparkled. Your lips told me that nothing bad would ever happen again. You were my muse in this horrible time, but you were crying. It seemed life had been hard on you too, but you took a different route. You helped people. Anyone I hurt, you would save. The poor people I stole from ate because you gave up your food. The quiet geeky guy I tripped in the hall, you helped him stand. You hate me I know. I just knew you did. How could you not? We were complete opposites. Yin and Yang. That's what you called us. Good and Evil. Male and female. You tried showing me the ways of the Buddhist but I shut it down. I was too cool for that. I was too much of a rebel. I would do anything to get noticed and you, well you feared attention. You always did nice things and denied credit. I always did bad things and would get upset if no one noticed. but you saved me.

The first time we hung out was right after I tipped over a parking meter. I wanted the change and felt no remorse. There, across the street, I saw you. You was talking to a guy, looked to be half your age, 8 maybe. He was upset because his ice cream had fallen, and you being the angel you are had to help him. You looked over at me and I froze. You knew what I was doing but you didn't judge me for it. You walked over, very confidently, and asked me for a few quarters. Of course I gave them to you. I couldn't deny you if I wanted to. Your skin had a radiant shine to it. I handed you the quarters and walked away. I'm not you. I'm not a hero. That is what I considered my first good deed. The first time I spent any time with you.

The next time was better though. You came over to my house. To this day I'm still not sure why. You say it was to bring me my homework since I missed school but I never did get it. I invited you in and you smiled. The perfect smile. Your lips curved in the cutest way. I was actually developing a crush on this girl that I didn't believe would even give me the time of day. Yet here you were, on my couch, cracking jokes about school with me. For the first time in my life I felt that I didn't have to do bad things. I could just be me and enjoy your company. But it didn't last. You had to leave. I had to be alone again. For now at least.

The next day I missed school again. I did it on purpose of course. Wasn't the first time, and of course you showed up again to bring me the phantom homework. This day was a bit different though. This day is the day you taught me about Yin and Yang. Its the day I learned that there will always be a balance of good and evil, right and wrong, in the world. You told me that you felt you and I were this balance. I may do bad things but I don't do them myself. I am the balance to your good nature. You said that without me, there couldn't be you, and without you, there could be no me. That is the most important thing you have ever said to me. So you could understand why the news I heard the next day confused me.

Noose. That's what you chose. I will never understand why you did it. You always had a smile on. You seemed to be happy, but I guess carrying the burdens of others was just too much for you. I will never forget you and what you taught me. Even if it was just for those few days that I knew you. You were my Angel, and I don't even believe in that stuff. But I'm glad I got to meet you. The world lost such a good person, and now I have to restore the balance.


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