The Tunnel

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The Tunnel

Post by Zylocks55 on Sat Sep 05, 2015 4:21 pm

I'm in a tunnel. The shadows are getting closer. I feel surrounded. Less room to run. In front of me is a friend. I run to her but I'm too late. The shadows get her. I have to escape. Behind me I can hear them. Faster and faster. Escape is almost imminent. I reach a hole above me. Then a hand reaches out for me. A familiar face. It's my love. She pulls me up but she isn't strong enough. I'm barely holding on. I grip tighter before I realize that she too is falling. I let go. No sense in the shadows getting us both. I have to run again. I can only hope she escaped as well. To my left is an old memory. An old bike I use to have. I was so happy to get it that Christmas day. No time to stop. As I run passed it the shadows consume my memory. In front of me. Something I've wanted me whole life. Peace. Happiness. Light. I run faster and faster until it's almost in my reach. I jump. Leap a large gap before the shadows can grasp me, and finally as I grab the light, the noose tightens.


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