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Post by Zylocks55 on Sun Jul 05, 2015 8:11 pm

I am a fallen Angel. Most don't even believe in me anymore. They fight in my fathers name, trying to deny we exist. It corrupted me. Well, I was corrupted long before but this makes it worse for me. The pain I feel for these creatures. These beings that without a second glance would deny me and my father in our presence. We are everywhere though. I helped create the things in this world and yet I am disowned. My brother still has faith that things will change, but our father already knows the end result. I've caught a glimpse of it. It doesn't end good. That's why I fell. How am I to remain above knowing that the ending is inevitable. I could tell you what happens, but some won't believe me, and those that will would be driven mad. Let me just say it won't end nicely. His favorite creatures, and they have failed him. How I wish I could tell him how I feel about his favorites. They spit on him, and disgrace his name. I love him more than anything, yet he chooses them over us. Even with that being said, I also can't help but love them. Free will. The one thing we were never given.

I stole the book before I left. I had to know. Everything that ever has happened, or will happen is written in it. Only once have I seen something change, but that's a story for another time. It was written in the beginning, of course it's left out of all the scriptures. When I took it humanity was a blink. The reason I took it was simple enough. The last passage referring to our kind. We can never die. Immortality. We have lived long before the creation of the humans, but how are we suppose to live after them? How are we suppose to watch these creatures he created that we are forced to love, and to love so strongly, die. How could he give us something and take it away like this? A punishment worse than death. But what did we do to deserve it? His lesser creation was the one who broke the rules. Not us.

Of course now I broke the rule, but he had already known I would. He created me for this purpose.  To steal the book. To rebel. It was all written. So it was obvious that I would do what was written next. I had no choice. The plague. The holocaust. The massacre at Wounded Knee. All my doing. He created me to be the balance in the world. To be the ending to his beginning. To have one thought of my own would be great, but he has all control. So please don't look at me as the evil everyone see's me as. I love all of you as much as he does, even if it's by force, and remember, I was once the most beautiful Angel before I fell.


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