Seven Nights

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Seven Nights

Post by Zylocks55 on Mon Jun 29, 2015 6:45 pm

The Angel first showed herself to me as a naked being. A being of want. A being of love. She came to me in my dreams and I wanted her so bad. She slept beside me naked and I never once touched her. I know I can't have her but I did. I know that it is because of past burdens that I can't have her. This is why she's here. To show me that this is what I must avoid. True love will find me, but it will not be what I desire.

Next she came to me as power. Wealth, money, strength, all things that I also craved. With an overabundance of it all she wasted much of it. I wasn't allowed to touch any of it. To live out a poor life and to always crave to be more than this. But it will never come. Bent to live a life of poverty is the curse she leaves me with this time.

This time she comes to me with a wish to be mortal. No longer serving the will of her creator. To have choices, anger, hate, and to feel the salvation of her own decisions. She wishes for my life. I can't give this to her, but I long for her. I feel for her. The empathy I have feels no bounds. I weep for her. Tears fall for her. I want to help her. She leaves me again with a feeling of remorse. That I have more than I deserve.

She appears a fourth time. She no longer cares. She just sits there waiting. Dreaming. Devising a way to escape her empty shell. She has given up on me. Although I will always love her this is the first time I feel real pain by my angel. The first time she has let me down.

She returns this time in a fit of rage. No  longer feeling the need to help me now she wishes to hurt me. Bring me the pain that I so deserve. She shows me reflections of the pain that I have caused. The tears that I have made shed. She enjoys hurting me now. She lives for it.

I am starting to be scared of my angel. She has now become so caught in my life that I feel as though she is replacing me. Taking away my very mortality. I feel her pain, and she feels mine. But my angel will not continue on for long. She will be gone soon, and I will be alone.

I cried today. It will be the last time for a long time. I had to witness a far away dream. Well it seemed far at the time. My angel put her head on my shoulder and smiled. She gloated of the things to come for her. The things to come for me. She marked this day as the day of her death. The day that I will take all she has given me, and become an angel for another. An entire world that will cry on me, and I must do what she did. I must hold it all in my own heart.


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