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I watch her in the garden. Her hair bounces from side to side as she waters the roses and tulips. She can not notice me for I am a master of stealth but I can see her. With a smile on her face she cuts the stems as she picks them. Smiling. Always smiling. Her smile seems to be what makes the sun shine. The clouds part for her. Her ability to grow life is unmatched by any other. It seems all she must do is talk to a plant and it blooms. Her eyes the color of emeralds matches the shine in her magic. Her legs go from her adorable little feet all the way up to her great figure. Her hands, so soft and gentle, yet so well broken in from hard work. She was a princess in her day, but now she has sat aside the thrown to enjoy the finer things. A woman just of twenty-three. She has lived more in her days than most ever will. But what's this? A man approaches her dressed in black. He is wielding a knife and is obviously up to something devious. He holds it to her. She screams. No one helps. He throws her to the ground and rips her beautiful white sundress from her. I cannot watch what happens next. I turn to see the world around me. The world I have been sheltered from for so long. The birds in the sky. The green grass on the ground. The screams and tears of agony. It is done. As I turn back her roses are soaked in a red crimson. What were once beautiful white tulips are now a trampled pile of remains. Her throat an open wound to which her life seeped from. The man is no where to be seen. I approach her. She lie there staring at me, no longer breathing, no longer beating, just being. I clasp her hand and make her rise. She looks to me with wondering eyes. She is dead now. Her lifeless husk remain at our feet and she lets out a little whimper. Now I must explain once again how I have come to take her to the next life. Of course I could never tell her that she has always been the one I waited for. The one I craved. The one who despite all others threw down her crown for me. For I was her prince, and now, I am Death.


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