Why do you...

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Why do you...

Post by Zylocks55 on Sat Jun 27, 2015 10:36 pm

Why do you always show up when I least expect it. Like tonight, I was just sitting here doing nothing and there you are. Holding my memories, my regrets, my sorrow and pain. Why do you have to do this? Why can't you release me? You follow me around like a shadow and when I finally climb out of my hole, there you are again. Why do you haunt me? I know it was my fault. Always will be. That's something I can never take back. I can never make it right. I spend my life atoning for my sins and yet I will never repay this one. You are my own personal hell and I will never escape.

Why do you always show up when I need you? I sit here lonely, depressed and hating myself and there you are. Smile on your face as always. You always had a smile on. Still in your work uniform, never taking it off. I loved you. I hope you know that. You're the only one that knows that. I mean everyone knows that I loved you, but not the way that we knew. What we had was special and we lost it. I will always feel regret for losing you, but at least you always bring back your smile.

Why do you always come to me when I expect you to? I read to you on your grave today and there you are listening. 50th anniversary of your favorite show. I know you wasn't here to watch it so I'll read you the book. You would have loved it too. You do love it. Every word I read you get giddy and excited just as you use to. But you can't be here. I lost you. Am I losing myself now? Are you real or a figment? And like that you're gone again. Why do you never come to me anymore?


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