She Is The One

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She Is The One

Post by BigRedRedneck on Tue Jun 16, 2015 9:18 pm

There is a girl, with eyes like sapphires and a heart like gold. She speaks like velvet and laughs like music. Her actions are kind, her features soft. This girl, is not just any girl. She is the one. No, not destiny, not fate. No higher power nudging her toward anything, no voodo dolls or magic. She is simply the one. She is the one who stays up all night sharing secrets. She is the one to create smilles first thing in the morning. She speaks the language of this heart. She destroys the demons, she summons desire. She lights the fire and extuinguishes the doubt. Kicks down the door, then builds a new one in it’s place. Every piece of anything there is, is this girl. She demands respect, and gives it all the same. This girl is the one. She can’t be shaken, she can’t be beat. She feeds dreams and starves nightmares. She steals sleep. She saves lives. When will she save mine?


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