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This Is Me

Post by BigRedRedneck on Tue Jun 16, 2015 8:43 pm

Hey everyone, it is me.
I am a unique guy,
that is all I'll ever be.
I'll never change,don’t try.

I cuss too often,
and pray too rare.
Not sure when my end will happen,
I hope there is something there.

I have too many ideas,
my brain is often full.
Not sure who I ever was,
and my future plans are null.

My posture screams goober.
My attire shouts hick.
It's obvious I'm new here,
yet to find a clique.

You can find me with fishing rod in hand,
forever chasing that joyful fight.
If I catch one, I feel something grand.
If I don't, I sleep fine at night.

Wanted to save the planet,
come up with something all new.
Share with people, just to watch them can it.
I guess I'll have to find something new to do.

I love my dog, Joy,
along with my idea sketch pad.
Both things my words never annoy,
although, I don't think I'm so bad.

Grew a plant once or twice,
dabbled in philosophy.
Had people tell me I'm nice,
had a few spit on me.

Spend my days out in the sun,
as it is my job.
Have yet to find that special someone,
my heart is theirs to rob.

I really don't sweat it though,
being single is kind of fun.
I am not too desperate to say no,
and I'll still have my friends when the day is done.

There is so much more,
more than space to say.
My mind is never a closed door,
I couldn't choose another way.

And here I sit behind this lit screen,
clicking keys as happy as can be.
My failed tries, unseen,
simply trying to find the true me.


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