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Post by Zylocks55 on Mon Jun 15, 2015 1:38 pm

Every day is the same. I walk into the store to get coffee. Its about the only natural routine I do now. But I always wonder who's lives I affect in the process. I always try to be the best person I can but at the same time I just wonder if I make a difference. How far can a kind deed go. The cashier is your typical young adult these days. She has piercings, a side shaved head, tattoos, basically what will become the future leaders of America. The girl behind me in line however, looks like she had been through a terrible life. Her clothes was torn, her hair a mess, her eyes screamed for help, but the way she carried herself said that she would never ask for it. I paid for my coffee and continued to chat with the cashier as she checked out the poor woman. "2.78." She said to the lady. She pulled out a change purse and started counting pennies. As noble as she was I couldn't bare to see her like this. I took a ten out of my pocket and handed it to the cashier. "Oh no," Replied the woman, "I can't except this." I smiled at her. it seemed to be the only smile she ever encountered because she looked confused. "Ma'am, This isn't charity or a gift. It's an investment. A preemptive good deed. Next time you see someone struggle just return the good deed." She smiled with a single tear falling and finally accepted. I walked out the store without taking my change.

A man offered to pay for my drink today. He was a very kind stranger but I felt weird taking money from a stranger. I always pulled everything off on my own. The cashier handed me a few dollars and I denied it. "That wasn't my change that was for him." As soon as I looked up he was gone. The cashier handed me the change. "Take it. It's what he would want." I reluctantly took it and walked out. This started my day off with a smile. I had never been treated so kindly by a stranger before. As I walk out I head to my job. It's not much but cleaning other peoples houses will get me by. My first house was a nice older lady. At least in her late 40's but still looks to be in her 20's. She was gorgeous, but as I knocked I can see in the window that she was extremely upset. We had never talked before but I felt like she should share what was bothering her. Of course I would never ask her to but, but she obviously needed it. As she opens the door all I do is walk up to her and give her a hug. She immediately breaks down. She reveals to me how her husband has been cheating on her for the past 5 years and she didn't know what to do. I just held her as she confessed and cried. There wasn't much more I could do for her. When she pulled away I noticed a small smile. Not a fake smile, but a genuine relieved smile. I went on to complete my work and felt a bit better about my life after this.

My housekeeper made my day today. For the past 5 years my husband has been having an affair with his secretary. I hate him but I never thought I could leave him. Leaving him would consist of me being alone, something I have always been scared of. Until today that is. No one has ever just listened to me before. This was the first time since I was a kid that I have ever felt important. So I waited for him to get home, and I did it. I told him I was leaving. He didn't seem to affected by it. He was more relieved. He didn't love me anymore but he was too cowardice to tell me. "I'm Sorry I feel this way." He kept saying through choked back tears. I smile at him. I don't want him to feel this way. He was scared, much like myself, but we are no longer controlled by our fears. My fear to make it on my own, his fear of hurting me with the truth. We are both free now. It takes me a little more than 2 hours to pack a bag. "I'll send for my things later." I tell him. "Please take this check. It's half of the fortune you've helped me earn. It's only fair that you have it." He smiles at me while handing me the check. I hug him. He really is a good man, if not for this constant fear he had. As I walk out the door, the last image I have of him is smile through his tears. I really will miss him.

My wife left me today. I know it seems a terrible way to start a story, but I am actually relieved. We had drifted apart over the past 5 years and I, being the coward I am, was too scared to end it. But it's over now. She's gone and I can move on. As can she. We are better people for this. Maybe this is the reason we could never have kids. I can finally be open with my secretary. I know she will be thrilled. I head back to work to share the news. When I arrive though she isn't there. I find a note on my desk.

Dear Lover,

I am sorry to have to tell you this but there is someone else. I'm sorry to have to be the one to reveal this to you, but you knew what this was. it was a fling and we knew it wouldn't last forever. This is not only a letter to end this affair, but also my letter of resignation. I'm heading off the Hawaii where were going to get married. I'm sorry again. At least now, maybe you can try to make things work with your wife.

With love, The secretary

The end of the letter gets me. She was so into our secretiveness that she didn't even put her real name. I can't help but laugh. Sure it was the end of what I thought was the beginning but after the aspects of today, I can't be upset. Two relationships ended in such a positive way in less than an hour. I can't complain. I go over to our H.R. department to let them know that she quit. As I walk in the door a woman is walking out. "Hi is there something I can help you with?" I ask her. "She looks as though she had been crying and proceeds to tell me. "I woke up this morning and went to work. When I got there my boss told me that I was no longer needed. My rent is past due and I have been looking for a job since I left my old office. I was hoping to get a job here but the lady inside just told me that there are no open positions." Another laugh. The lady looks at me confused. "Do you have a resume?" She hands me 5 pages of previous work employment. Mostly office jobs. Again I smile at her. "When can you start?" The first smile on her face shows up. "Now!" She screams. I take her up to my office and show her around. Then I show her her own office. She thanks me and I send her home for the day. "Oh but before you go." I tell her. "Take this." I hand her a check written out for $2000.00. "Consider it a hiring bonus."

I just got a new job. Thank God for this. I really needed it. My rent is $500.00 and he gave me 2 grand. just for starting. I think I'm gonna like this job. I return home to see my son get back from school. "Did you have a good day sweetie?" "It was OK. How was your day?" I preceded to tell my 15 year old everything that happened throughout the day. He tells me how happy he is. We spend hours just watching TV and playing games until finally it's bedtime. He goes to his room and I go to mine. The worst part of being a single mother is the loneliness, but it comes with the job. The next morning I am ready to go into work. I stop at the gas station on my way to my new job. A place I've never been before. As I walk in I see a man getting a cup of coffee. He's talking to this cashier with piercings, tattoos, and a half shaved head about how she will be blessed. Apparently she couldn't afford her cancer medicine and as much as he would like to help her he just couldn't afford it. I ask her, how much is it? She's taken back a bit and tells me its $1000.00. I ask her to cash my check for me and to give me back just the $1000.00. She looks at me confused. I take the money and hand her another 20 for gas and thank her, I then walk out, while the cashier and the customer both look confused. She runs out of the store and follows me to the pump. "Excuse me but I don't know if I can take this money. It's very nice, but its an awful lot." I smile at her. "Please, this isn't charity or a loan. It's an investment. A preemptive good deed. Next time you see someone struggle just return the good deed." She smiles at me and returns inside. The man that was standing at the counter at this point runs outside to talk to me. "Ma'am, that was a very kind deed. Maybe you can let me return the favor and take you out to dinner tonight." After yesterday I feel like I can't turn down an offer with a stranger. "I get off at 7. Here's my number." He smiles a beautiful smile and walks back inside.

Today, after 2 years of my wife passing away I finally have a date. She always taught me that good things happen to good people. Always help out a stranger and you will be returned with favor. Of course I will never know if that's true. No one knows how far a kind deed will go, or even if it will be noticed. All I know is I will never lose the words she told me.


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